What this bride did at her New Year’s Eve ceremony will amaze you

When a client comes to us and says she wants a wedding unlike any other, it definitely gets our attention. A year before her event, Brandi and I connected over our mutual love for pugs and her desire to host an elegant, gothic wedding to her beau. Using the operative words “ghostly romantic, lightly Victorian, and darkly ethereal” we set out to make Brandi’s dream come true. This San Francisco-based couple valued great taste, an intimate setting, and a nod to technology (the groom is a senior Dropbox employee) combined with their love of the romantic mystique of New Orleans.

To top it all off, the big event was to take place on New Year’s Eve, and we LOVE an intimate, heartfelt celebration to ring in the new year! Complete with a Twilight-inspired ceremony altar installation (you must see this!) at the historic Beauregard-Keyes House in the French Quarter, we incorporated pink lace details, rich black velvet, the scent of incense, and deep reds and burgundy for a gothic chic design that was the perfect fit for Brandi and Kevin. We located two ideal venues in the hauntingly romantic French Quarter and planned a second line from the Beauregard-Keyes House to Muriel’s Restaurant with a departure at 11:45pm in time to view the fireworks display at the riverfront to ring in the new year.

The glorious boxed invitation suite designed by Lehr and Black was the perfect introduction to enliven the senses as guests prepared for this intimate NYE celebration. Guests entered the ceremony, which took place at the intimate French Quarter courtyard at the Beauregard-Keyes House, with 70 of the couple’s closest friends and family members in attendance. The bride’s mother escorted her down the candlelit meandering courtyard path, past the decadently floralized courtyard fountain overflowing with large white hydrangea garland.

The scene was like something out of a movie, and in fact, was inspired by the wedding scene in Twilight that Brandi was hoping to recreate for her own ceremony. When we presented our design plan to her, she was delighted with the over-the-top organic florals and greenery that would have a huge impact with her guests. The ceremony was an important element to the couple, and they wanted to emphasize the importance of their love for one another with an intentional, momentous and impactful design at the ceremony venue.

After the ceremony concluded, Brandi and Kevin lead their guests on a traditional New Orleans second line parade through the streets, complete with brass band and on-lookers wishing them well along the way. As they approached the reception venue at Muriel’s Restaurant, which overlooks the historic Jackson Square, the newlyweds along with all of their guests literally shut the streets down with their dancing and revelry as the band played on. Brandi and Kevin lead the charge to the reception space upstairs, and kicked off the reception with a ceremonious champagne pour over a tower of vintage coupes and a selection of bespoke cocktails prepared by The Grand Bevy.

Take a peek at the images from Eric James Photography for a glimpse into this celebration of a new year, new life, and new love!

bride holding a heart rock with pink nails and pink robe
black customized cell phone charging station with monogram
intricate cut black lace wedding invitation suite with deep red roses and gold monogram
bride and groom in New Years Eve hats looking at bright fireworks in the sky
bride and groom in New Years Eve hats looking at bright fireworks in the sky
Bride and groom in her lace dress and happy new year headband smiling
bride and groom laughing while grabbing champagne from their champagne tower
up close photo of a bubbly champagne tower flowing down the glasses
Bride and groom pouring bottles of champagne over their bubbling champagne tower
Groom kissing bride in dark red lit room with lush curtains above
"Trust me you can dance, Alcohol" sign next to tea lights and a gold mirror
Shiny bright gold tiered wedding cake with a monogram on top
Wedding reception seating with dark red and green floral and tall brass candlesticks and gold sparkly table cloths
Floral arrangement with red, pink, and white roses and lush greenery on a blush table cloth with brass candlesticks
Groom dipping his bride for a kiss with her long white veil flowing
Bride and groom dancing to a traditional New Orleans second line with umbrellas and hanker-chiefs
Bride and Groom pose in from of a traditional New Orleans building with Christmas lights around the balcony
Pink and red roses sitting on top of a gold sparkly table cloth over a high boy table
Luscious red and green floral arrangements sitting on red velvet and gold table cloths
Wedding reception seating with red velvet table cloths, beautiful floral arrangements and string lights hanging from a white tent
red and white roses inside of small vases and tea lights
Gorgeous floral arrangement of deep red and white flowers and luscious greenery on top of a dark red velvet table cloth
Seating for a wedding inside a light blue room with red velvet table cloths, green and red florals and cross back chairs
Candles in tall glass vases layered around a fountain in the night
Bride walking down the isle next to flickering candles circling the outside fountain filled with white  hydrangeas
Bride standing next to her bridesmaids in their black bridesmaid dresses with green, red and white bouquets in front of a lush green and white floral backdrop
close up picture of the bride and groom looking at each other with the  candlelit fountain in the background and red roses
Welcome card with wedding party information and day of timeline
Groom holding his black and gold vow book while wearing a black velvet suit
bride posing in front of a green and white floral backdrop with her red and white bouquet while wearing a head wrap connected to her veil
Bride and groom smiling with their two dogs while in her wedding dress and his black velvet tux
Bride and groom in front of a gorgeous green ad white floral backdrop smile, bride with red and green bouquet and groom in a black velvet tux
Bride and groom facing each other smiling in front of a luscious greenery back drop and candles on the ground in clear vases
Bride and groom hugging in front of a candle lighting space in the middle of greenery with white rose petals
Bride and groom hold hands and kiss in front of greenery draping behind them and candles flickering with white rose petals on the ground
Bride and groom hold hands in front of greenery draping behind them and candles flickering with white rose petals on the ground
Groom smiling in his black velvet tux with a red boutonniere in front of candles and greenery
Close up photo of votive candles lit inside of cascading greenery
Close up of the cascading white and green backdrop with candles on the ground
Close up of the cascading white and green backdrop with candles on the ground
white hydrangeas cascading down the fountain with candles around the fountain
Beautiful white hydrangeas around a fountain in New Orleans
Front porch of the Beauregard Keyes house in the French Quarter
Beauregard Keyes House and Garden plate when you enter the rod iron gate to go up the steps
black and white photo of groomsmen walking across a street in the French Quarter
Up close of the Brides detailed gown and her black, red and white bouquet with red velvet ribbon hanging
Diamond earring and necklaces for the bride to wear
Pear and diamond earrings for the bride alone with baby's breath to pin in her hair
Bride and her mother holding hands in her bridal suite
Bride sitting on a chair in her long white gown reading a letter and smiling
close up photo of the brides gown with pearl beading and her light pink nails
Portrait of the bride sitting with her long tulle dress cascading down to the floor and the beautiful beading on the top of her dress
Bride is getting her dress zipped up by her mom has a red corsage on
close up photo of the brides beaded gown with pearls and sequins
Wedding gown handing over a turquoise door with greenery around
Bride and Bridesmaids on a balcony holding each other with red hearts on the back of their robes
Black velvet and lace detailing on the wedding invitation
close up of the wedding invitation suite that is black and gold with velvet and gold lettering
Wedding invitation suite that has detailed velvet and gold monogram
bride getting zipped in to her dress by her mom wearing black lace gloves
Bride holding a heart shaped rock while in her pink gown
Bridesmaids in their black lace gloves and posing on the balcony