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What Celebration Means to Us

Our luxury destination wedding planners are focused on one objective. To us, the celebration of life's best moments is not some trivial thing. We take the responsibility of creating experiences your greatest milestones very seriously. The art of crafting an experiential celebration involves appealing to all five senses: tactile, flavor, aroma, audio, and visual. In the time and place where all five of these senses converge lies the ultimate achievement of the interwoven story of our clients, narrating the journey where their lives intersect with their loved ones in the same room, in the same moment, in one singular period of time.

What Luxury Means to Us

When it comes to luxury, we define the term differently. It is not a price point or a couture label. Luxury, to us, is the gift of time. Our process is sharply focused on efficiency and time management as the primary goal, for both our clients and our creative team of vendors. Because we value your time, our process revolves around maximizing your experience in decision-making and collaborating with us in writing your narrative so that you can get back to living and spend your time faithfully and intentionally doing what you love with the ones that you love. Simply put: we are experts in our craft, and our ability to give you the gift of time is rivaled by none other.

Valerie Lamb Learn More
luxury destination wedding planner Valerie Lamb

Valerie Lamb

Event Producer

Eternal optimist. New Orleans native. Travel aficionado. Bike cruiser. Never enough blue and white chinoiserie. Hopeless romantic. Energetic. Lifelong equestrian. Creative thinker.  Jazz club regular. Festive hat enthusiast. Plymouth Gin martini. Power suit and pumps.

Favorite Artist: Marc Clauzade
Irrational Fear: Belly buttons
Pet Peeve: Poor table manners 
Hidden Talent: Closet organization 
Ask me about: Grace Kelly

Caroline Acomb Learn More
luxury destination wedding planner Caroline Acomb

Caroline Acomb

Assistant Event Producer

Family oriented. Loves a to-do list. Quiet but sassy. Ole Miss grad. Morning person. Country music lover. Meticulous. Often found at Ye Olde College Inn. Tech-savvy. Problem solver. Crime show connoisseur. Well connected. Sauvignon blanc. Lives for sweater weather.

Favorite Artist: Carrie Underwood
Irrational Fear: Being alone in big houses
Pet Peeve: Not using a turn signal
Hidden Talent: Home chef
Ask me about: All things football

Brooke Pellegrini Learn More
luxury destination wedding planner Brooke Pellegrini

Brooke Pellegrini

Assistant Event Producer

Organized. Favorite color is: all of them! Your biggest cheerleader. Podcast junkie. Extreme holiday decorator. Punctual. Yoga instructor. Unfortunately Amazon obsessed. Believer that laughter cures. Drew Brees’ biggest fan. Dirty martini sipper. Boot season!

Favorite Artist: Andy Warhol
Irrational Fear: Enclosed Spaces
Pet Peeve: Loud smacking while eating
Hidden Talent: Handstands
Ask me about: Where to go in Rome