There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.

As elite wedding planners in the US, our team offers luxury wedding planning services to engaged couples looking for full service planning and event design. Planning, design, production, and management are the focus of all our events. Every detail is important to us, so we do not offer packages as our testament that you will receive the full benefit of the Sapphire Events experience - which is second to none. We specialize in celebrations of all kinds – private events, non-profit galas, deb parties, anniversaries and birthdays, and of course weddings. We excel at capturing the joy of life through planning and designing any celebration you have in mind, and we are honored to be a part of your storytelling journey.


Initial Engagement

We begin with a complimentary consultation and interview so we can get to know you and determine that you are a good fit. We take only a limited number of projects a year to preserve the quality of our client experience, so this process is crucial to us. Should we decide to move forward, you will receive a terms sheet outlining our process and pricing structure tailored to your needs. Once you accept the terms, we will draw up our agreement.

Planning & Design Stage

We begin planning and designing your event right away. Our design team will set a foundation meeting to establish the scope of your event, event goals and challenges to initiate the design process. We meet with your team of creative vendors on your behalf, developing specifically tailored proposals, complete with selections supporting the overall vision. Your designer creates a comprehensive design deck and presents the design five months prior to the event date. We’ll set a financial meeting with you to discuss each line item of the budget, and detail all expenses and event contracts for your approval.

Production Phase

Four months from your date, you will approve the design plan + proposed budget and Sapphire Events enters into production. At this time you will sign any remaining vendor contracts and remit deposits to each creative vendor. As production is under way, your event producer places orders and finalizes proposals with your selections made during the design presentation. Your creative team of vendors reserves inventory and builds custom installations drawn up in the design phase. This is where the event details come to life!

Event Management Begins

Three months prior to the event, our event production team creates detailed load-in/strike schedules and truck manifests, troubleshoots logistics, and secures any necessary permitting and security for the event. We distribute detailed production schedule timelines to each member of your creative team and draft a by-the-minute run of show for you and your guests. Your event producer issues a list of all remaining vendor payments due. We will schedule your final details meeting the week of your event and review the run-of-show with you in great detail. Then, the big day arrives!

Why We Do What We Love

I consider myself fortunate and privileged to have been entrusted in the position of using my art and creative perspective to help families celebrate the lives they are living, articulate the story they are expressing, and encapsulate a moment of time that becomes their living legacy moving forward. I get a front row seat to all of the ins and outs of the family dynamics, the trials and tribulations, the joy, the overwhelming sense of love, all of which breathe life into the human condition.

Because of the honorable position my clients have entrusted to me, I live and breathe and think and sleep and eat every day with their story in mind. I toil over what my contribution will be toward furthering their living legacy and the narrative that my clients will continue to write after the big day has passed. I commit myself to my art, because I realize that the privilege bestowed upon me to tell a story for one single day is a tremendous responsibility for the families I will work with for the better part of a year, who will continue to write their story without me for the rest of their lives. I have but one day to share my art, and I work tirelessly, continuously until that day to make it my best representation of their narrative.

Our Promise to You

Because our emotional and intellectual investment in every one of our experiential celebrations is so high, we reserve the time and space in our hearts and minds for only a few select families with which we are privileged to work over the course of the year. We readily and intentionally give so much of ourselves to you, so that you can receive the very best of us. We want you to enjoy the luxury of time, the fortune of honor and trust in us, faith and confidence that you are placing your narrative with the very best artists in storytelling. The course of your story before and after your celebration are yours; the celebration itself is our chapter to write on your behalf.

If I can give you the most priceless and precious gift by making this process as efficient and enjoyable as it should be, that is the greatest value of my artistic endeavor. The party starts with us; the story continues with you.

Serving the community is our honor

Our Travel Bucket List

We want to go wherever your celebration takes you. We’ve been all over the globe for both work and pleasure, and there is so much more for us to see. Our favorite events are celebrations in places and spaces we have never worked before, so we can put to use our aptitude for problem solving and crafting an epic celebration from the ground up. Where will you take us next?

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Have a special destination in mind for your wedding? Count us in!

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