8 Reasons Couples with Quick Engagements are Happier

8 Reasons Couples with Quick Engagements are Happier

We have noticed a welcome trend in the last year that more of our couples are opting for a shorter engagement period before the big day, and as planners we couldn’t be happier about this! Quick engagements equal happier people! We have also found that among our clients with both long-term and short-term engagements, there is a marked pattern that our brides and grooms opting for a quick trip to “I do” tend to be happier, more relaxed, and more fully able to enjoy the day itself. Here are 8 reasons we believe couples with shorter engagements are happier people:

1) There is less time to quibble over decision making.

With 8 months or less to plan the big day, your options can be more limited (but that is not necessarily a bad thing)! Our clients coming to us with short turn-around engagements still have plenty of available options among venues and vendors available to them. We find that it actually helps to have a “short list” of options moving forward with the planning, because it allows us to provide our brides and grooms with a brief of pros and cons to each limited option and help facilitate a swift decision-making process. With less time to battle over the woes of lengthy pros and cons, this means more time to reflect on the true meaning of the big day and stay focused on what is most important – coming together to start your life with your best friend.

2) The excitement of the engagement doesn’t wear off.

Couples planning their wedding in less than a year from the proposal are still riding the high from the moment he pops the question! No doubt having these memories fresh on your mind help you stay excited about the commitment you are making, and our couples with short engagements are eager to get started spending their lives together.

bride and groom embrace each other while smiling in a courtyard with candle light

3) More involved groom in decision-making process.

Let’s face it, not all grooms get excited about the finite details of the planning process. We know they definitely have opinions about two things – food and music – but when you have a short engagement and need additional support, he tends to be more involved in the bigger picture. This forges great bonding opportunities for our couples who come together and resolve issues with guest list and day of logistics in a timely matter – which bodes well for a positive precedent set for all the decisions you’ll make together in married life!

4) Guest anticipation of the event is at an all-time high.

You pop the question, the ring goes on, save the dates go out immediately, and invites follow soon after. The big day is here before you know it, and your guests are calling and writing with their excited well wishes for your upcoming big day. A brief engagement means your guests will be joining you in the anticipation of the big day along with you, and this is a recipe for an amazing celebration you’ll never forget.

bride and groom hold hands in a courtyard with white and green floral archways and candle light

5) The planning process is efficient and a breeze.

With little time to weigh out all the myriad possibilities for your floral arrangements and decor, your design process and related planning logistics become streamlined and efficient during a short engagement period. You have less time to research the millions of ideas on Pinterest that may not be a good fit for your aesthetic, and even less time to attend countless friends’ nuptials that could result in second-guessing your decision making. Couples with shorter engagements get right to the point and make thoughtful decisions and stick to them – which is certainly the key to a stress-free and happy engagement!

6) Less time to worry about all the “what ifs.”

Our advice to our short-term engagement couples is don’t sweat the small stuff. What if your bridesmaids order shoes in the wrong color? What if you want to change the option from three entree choices to a duo plate? What if it gasp rains? Having a short engagement means there is less time to work through all the nightmare scenarios you imagine as planning anxiety increases. You’ll be happier focusing on the positives and knowing that your planning team has a contingency for everything that could possibly happen on the day of.

bride walking with a red bouquet of flowers around a courtyard fountain covered in candles

7) The focus is on the marriage, not the “stuff.”

This is perhaps the biggest contributing factor to happiness during your short engagement! There is little time to worry over all the minutiae of the day (napkin folds, the color difference between blush and bashful, etc.), allowing you to stay focused on the real reason you are inviting your closest friends and family members to celebrate you: the first day of your new lives together, and the commitment you are making to each other. The rest is just lagniappe!

8) They get back to real life quicker after the big day.

Couples with longer engagements (a year or more) definitely report to us that they experience a period of withdrawal after the wedding. Some even enter into a bit of a depression as their time spent over the last year or more with endless wedding day details is now void of the need for extensive decision-making. Our couples with short engagement periods tend to be happier post-wedding because their planning process was smooth and efficient over a shorter period of time, and they tend to find adjusting to real life is easier overall with minimal withdrawals and after-effects.

groom dips bride while kissing her and dancing in the street with people watching and cheering

Think you need a year or more to plan the big day? To the contrary, some of our happiest couples to date have been those planning their weddings in six months or less. Don’t fret if you want to get married sooner rather than later. Our process allows clients to enjoy their brief engagements and celebrate in style. Contact Sapphire Events for a consultation and find out why we specialize in short-term engagements for our happy brides and grooms.


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