What is Sapphire Events’ area of expertise?

Our team of expert wedding planners are at our best when we are building an event from the ground up, whether that be at a private estate, on a beachfront property, in an historic venue with lots of rules and regulations protecting the integrity of the building, and at a private club with limited access. We can transform any space imaginable, from a grand hotel ballroom, an empty warehouse, a loft space and even the interior of a marine vessel. We specialize in events with particularly challenging logistics, near-impossible accessibility, and completely blank slates.

We imagine greatness where others find little to dream about. We have moved an event an entire day earlier to avoid a hurricane. We’ve built an improbable inverted garden over a dance floor in the oldest building in the Mississippi River valley. We’ve seated an impossibly long 150’ dinner table in the grand hallway of an art museum with an extremely limited amount of time to set up. We’ve presented our designs in virtual reality for our clients that wanted to walk through their event space and see all the details we put together months before the big day arrived. We’ve planned an elopement in a sinking European city with few available resources and limited time. We’ve planned and designed events of grand scale in buildings under construction that finished completion less than a month before the event day.

We make the impossible possible. We love a hard-hat tour, the smell of fresh lumber, and the sound of power drills and nail guns. We know more about electrical panels and distribution than we ever thought possible. We’ve dealt with flash floods, lots of wind, and tons and tons of rain. So much rain! Pretty much anything mother nature can throw at us, we are prepared for. We’ve paraded in the streets, we shut down traffic on the regular, and make friends with law enforcement ahead of time so we can bend the rules when we need to (without breaking the law)! We’ve never stopped learning and loving what we do, and every single event is unique unto itself. I’ve never met a challenge I couldn’t overcome, and there’s very little that surprises me anymore. With the support of my team, we can make anything happen!