Do you accept kickbacks from your vendors? How do we know that the price we are paying is equal to the value we will receive on event day?

Absolutely not! We understand that there are planning companies charging their clients a low flat fee up front. Buyer beware! What the client often doesn’t know is that these planning companies are getting compensated behind closed doors from the vendors the planner has selected to work the event. The client thinks they are paying the vendor one price, sometimes touted as a “discount” that the planner has earned through loyalty with that vendor over the years; the reality is the planner demands that each vendor lower their price as much as possible, and the planner will pay the low rate, keeping the difference of the higher rate that the client has actually paid for that product or service. This is an unfortunate practice that has been in place for a very long time – and one that leaves the client in the dark about how their money has been invested in the celebration of such an important milestone in their lives.

We absolutely despise this practice, and our clients value our transparency and honesty in managing all of the event expenses. Our clients will see every vendor quote and bill directly from the vendor – not on an invoice run through my company. Our clients will sign contracts with each of their vendors directly, and pay their vendors directly – I would never ask my clients to write one large check to Sapphire Events in order for me to pay their vendors on their behalf (this is another hallmark practice of a planning company taking kickbacks!). My fee is 100% paid directly to me by my clients alone, and not from any other company or third party. If you are looking for transparency and honesty, contact us so we can discuss in great detail where your investment will be faithfully submitted for your celebration.