Are you able to secure discounts with vendors on my behalf because of your relationships with them?

The short answer: no.

The reality of the coveted “vendor discount” is actually that it is a hallmark for planning companies that are promising special prices when in fact they are taking kickbacks (see the FAQ on “Kickbacks” on this page!). There is no such thing as a discount that any planner would be able to secure for you, since each of your vendors is a creative professional and very likely a small business whose very livelihood and reputation is built on each and every job they book, being paid for the value of the time and services they work hard to deliver to our clients. If a vendor has a volume consumer base with business-to-business discounts that they are occasionally able to offer to clients under special circumstances, then rest assured that our company is working to secure the very best price for you that each vendor can offer, for the very best value in products and services to serve your event goals and financial targets.