I’ve talked to other planners and find that everyone charges differently. How does your fee structure work?

This is my favorite question! Our fee structure is a three-part structure that compensates us for the three elements of what we are building for you over the course of our engagement together: planning, design + production, and event management. Our clients pay a retainer to us at the time of signing the contract in order for us to begin working right away on the planning. We are then paid the design fee after the design presentation (which happens around 6 months prior to the event date) and our client has approved both the design aesthetic and the financial commitment to each of their team of creative vendors and suppliers. Our event management fee compensates us for the actual physical labor and number of Sapphire Events team members who will be on site on event day, and for each day of load-in and load-out (depending upon the extent of production involved for a given event).

We understand you have many choices when it comes to a planning and design firm. The investment you make in our company is one we take very seriously, and as such, I am heavily involved in every single aspect of the planning and design process, as well as the overall production and especially on the management of the event itself. As the owner of the company, I take great pride in the fact that we have a strict policy of transparency and clarity with our clients especially when it comes to finances. I want our clients to know exactly where every dollar and cent of their money is being spent, and my process is built around the foundation of trust and confidence our clients instill in us as stewards of the emotional and financial investment they are taking on for their celebration.

To learn more, please contact us here and we will discuss in greater detail exactly how our pricing structure works!