Love at Maison Montegut House in New Orleans

Last-Minute Change of Heart Marigny Opera House, Maison Montegut Dark Roux

Our team planned this ceremony at Marigny Opera House and reception at Maison Montegut House in a sprint, and it was worth it! Lauren and Paul called the Sapphire Events team mid-summer, wanting to change their original wedding plans in Napa Valley for a more fun New Orleans wedding that more closely resembled their values as a couple. They wanted to shift gears to New Orleans because they originally met at Jazz Fest, and both had a history of music in their backgrounds that made the city an important landmark for their lives together. Ideally they'd hoped to keep their original date, which coincided with the groom's 50th birthday. They enlisted our leadership to pull off an authentic New Orleans wedding celebration with historic venues, fantastic music, and dramatic flair. This was one second-line parade we will never forget!